Walltopia from Bulgaria visit us.

  Walltopia is a world leader in the manufacture of climbing walls. The company has completed projects in 50 countries on four continents. In addition to its Head Office in Bulgaria, Walltopia has offices in [...]

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1 What kind of profiles are used for the trampoline frame (legs and trampoline bed frame): square, rectangular or circular; what is the size of the profiles, what is the thickness of the profiles? rectangular [...]

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Installaion CAD.

Q: It is in english ?Is it very complicated? A: Chinese, but we can make an English verion for you.      No, it's easy. Q: Can you send a sample CAD? A: see photo I [...]

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Kids Corner

Let your adorable little ones bounce around and make their day enjoyable at Kids Corner. This zone is specially allocated for age groups under 5, so that your little ones can enjoy kids of similar [...]

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Foam Pit Jumps

Mix Fun with your exercise routine with an intense cardio, strength, balance, agility, and flexibility at the Jump Pits workout like no other. We offer 4 fun and challenging adventures here as follows: Beam Battle [...]

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31 Air Hamster – Play Area

Without even realizing it, kids exercise all the time just by being active like play kickball at school or just by running around. A pet hamster needs the exercise too, like we all do, to [...]

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